Tiny Love Day & Night Soother

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tiny love day & night soother

Tiny Love's Soother will help put your baby to sleep. Credit: Amazon

Getting your baby to sleep -- and allowing yourself some time to sleep -- is crucial. But getting her there? Well, that's where things can be tricky, if not downright frustrating.

We are of the notion that we'll take all the help we can get, and the Tiny Love Day & Night Soother is part of our sleepy time routine.

The Soother attaches to your crib and offers both day and night modes. Day mode is a baby-activated jungle scene. The night mode shows a glowing moon and stars.

Setting controls allow you to choose music only, music and lights or music, lights and motion. Play 20 minutes of classical and nature music and get ready to drift off to sleep.

The Tiny Love Day & Night Soother is $39.99 at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.

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