Two Sisters Rule When it Comes to Family Harmony, Study Finds

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Two sisters make for the most harmonious family life. Credit: Getty Images

There may be something to the old schoolyard chant "Girls rule, boys drool!"

The U.K. website Bounty reports that it studied 2,116 families with different combos of kids -- both boys and girls -- and two girls makes "for the most harmonious family life as they are unlikely to fight, will play nicely and are generally a pleasure to be around."

The site continues that two girls "rarely annoy their parents with too much noise, confide in their parents and are unlikely to wind each other up or ignore each other."

The worst combo? Four daughters. Drama. City.

Bounty reports one in four parents with four girls say they are not completely happy with their situation and must referee an average of four fights a day.

Bounty's Faye Mingo says parents with bigger families find it difficult to keep the peace.

"The findings were absolutely fascinating -- we often assume little girls behave like angels, and if you have two this certainly seems to be the case," she says on the site. "But the more girls you have, the more of a handful they become -- more so in fact than boys. In fact, going from two to four girls seem to take parents from one extreme to the other -- whilst doubling the amount of boys has much less impact. We expected two, three or four boys to come out as the most difficult combination of children to have, purely because of their energetic and boisterous personalities."

Bounty ranked the best to worst combinations of kids:
1. Two girls
2. One boy and one girl
3. Two boys
4. Three girls
5. Three boys
6. Four boys
7. Two girls and one boy
8. Two boys and one girl
9. Three boys and one girl
10. Three girls and one boy
11. Two boys and two girls
12. Four girls

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