Celeb Clan Close-Up: Heidi Klum and Little Lou

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Heidi Klum daughter lou

Heidi Klum, out and about on a stylish errand with daughter Lou, 1. Credit: Fabio, X17online

When you're a supermodel, it's a whole lot easier to look great when you're running around town.

For us mere mortals, we're lucky if we have time to change out of our Ugg slippers before toting our tots anywhere. But check out uber-chic mama Heidi Klum, holding daughter Lou, 1, as she takes daughter Leni, 6, to her dance class in Brentwood, Calif., over the weekend.

Klum's simple slim dark jeans, striped T-shirt and cropped jacket get glammed up with an oversized yellow bag, metallic slip-ons, an easy scarf and cool shades. And little Lou? Could she be any cuter in her pink top and jeans?

OK, please excuse us. We're going to change into actual grown-up clothes before we head out to pick up our own kids.

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