Bye-Bye Books? Maine Kindergartners Get iPad 2s

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Do kindergartners need iPad 2s? Credit: Getty Images

Reading, writing and finger painting -- on an iPad 2? A move by Maine educators could have kindergartners curling up at nap-time with fancy e-readers.

Calling the gadgets "more important than a book," Tom Morrill, superintendent of the Auburn Schools Committee, says state schools plan to swap out traditional books with iPad 2s, at $499 a pop, because they are an "essential tool" for learning, Maine's Sun Journal reports.

The Auburn Schools Committee voted unanimously to provide all kindergarten children with an iPad 2, which adds up to a total cost of about $200,000, according to the newspaper.

Some school committee members say, in the long-run, the iPads will provide students with more and better information faster, and lighten the typical college student's backpack, the Sun Journal reports.

But some parents and others aren't quite so enthusiastic about trading books for tablet computers in class.

"It's crazy," parent Nicole Fortin tells the newspaper. "I look at all of the budgetary restraints we have. Our school system loses money every year to certain things. This is a lot to put in the hands of a 5-year-old."

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