How to Play: Three Person Relay

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No points for knocking the pins down! Credit: Getty Images

What you need: You need five bowling pins, four batons to pass, and a flat surface play area like a gym floor or paved lot.

How to play: Divide the children into four teams, and you will need three players from each team to start the game. Place one bowling pin in the middle of a 30-40 foot circle, and place the other four pins evenly around the outside of the circle. Assign each team a bowling pin on the outside of the circle. Of the three players from each team, two will be on the inside of the circle lined side by side on the other side of the bowling pin. The other player will be on the outside of the circle standing next to the bowling pin, but slightly behind it. All four teams will be lined up in this order within the circle. The outside person will be given a baton to hold as he runs.

The rules: At the starting signal, all outside players are to run completely around the outside of the circle and pass the baton to the next player that should be waiting to receive the baton. The old runner will join the rest of the waiting team on the outside of the circle and should try to stay away from the rest of the running players. The next player will do the same pattern. The last of the three runners will run around the circle, return to his starting point, and then run to the center of the circle to try to grab the bowling pin in the center. The team that retrieves the bowling pin will receive five points. After the first group of three players goes, the next three players on each team will do the same relay. Play continues until all players have gone.

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How to win: The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winning team.

What else you need to know: For additional points, you can place the bowling pin on top of a beanbag. The second place team retrieves the beanbag and will receive two points.

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