Angelina Jolie's New Jewelry Line Is for the Children

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angelina jolie jewelry

A Robert Procop necklace, part of the "Style of Jolie Exhibition" is seen in Beverly Hills. Credit: Gabriel Bouys, AFP/Getty

Angelina Jolie wants folks to buy diamonds, emeralds and white quartz from her new jewelry collection. Lots of them. The money, you see is going to help children in need.

The line, on display this week in Beverly Hills, Calif., is a collaboration with jeweler Robert Procop, the London Daily Mail reports, and was launched to raise money for the Education Partnership for Children in Conflict, a charity she co-founded.

Jolie wore a pair of gold and green beryl drop earrings from the collection to the New York premiere of "The Tourist" last December, the newspaper reports, and the actress donned a necklace from the collection to the premiere of her movie, "Salt."

"In collaborating with Robert, we identified favorite characteristics like vivid colors and dramatic faceting, in each gemstone," the Daily Mail says Jolie writes on Procop's website. "From there, everything fell into place. By making the gemstone the main focus of the design, we feel the simplicity of each piece becomes timeless. Beyond enjoying the artistic satisfaction of designing these jewels, we have been fortified by knowing that our work is also serving our mutual goal of providing for children in need."

Want some of Jolie's jewels for yourself? The exhibition is invitation only, the Daily Mail reports.

The rest of us will have to find other ways to help the children.


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