3 Military Homecoming Videos to Melt Your Heart

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You'd be hard-pressed to find videos more heart-warming than those featuring troops returning home from duty. In honor of Military Family Week, ParentDish rounded-up three moments that remind us what our soldiers are fighting for -- and why we should all be supporting them.

In April 2010, Henry Dennee, then 10, exited the ice after a flag ceremony at a Washington Capitals hockey game to be surprised by his dad, Col. Rick Dennee, who was home from Iraq. We dare you not to tear up at this one.

"It's falling in love all over again."
In this video from March, 75 members of the Utah National Guard's 144th Area Support Medical Company return home after spending a year in Afghanistan. "It's the best thing ever," Kassie Levitt, who was reunited with her husband, Staff Sgt. Jeff Levitt, tells FoxNews. "It's falling in love all over again and just having your best friend back."

"It's Daddy! It' really is. He's not on a computer."
Watching Master Sgt. Joseph Myers, home in San Antonio after serving 350 days in Iraq back in 2009, greet his daughter Addison, a toddler, was very sweet. But it was the dad's surprise visit to his older daughter Hannah's fourth grade class that really had us reaching for the tissues. In an interview with CNN, Myers praises the sacrifices Hannah made while he was away. And we can't help but praise this family.

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