On the Fly Bottle Warmer

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on the fly bottle warmer

Keep bottles warm on the go with On the Fly Bottles. Credit: On the Fly Bottle

Figuring out how to warm a bottle on the go has been an issue for parents for ages. But we've discovered a very cool solution.

The On the Fly Bottle Warmer is a portable bottle warmer featuring fabric bottle socks designed to fit wide bottles from all sorts of brands, including Avent, GentleFlow from Gerber, Born Free, most glass bottles and more.

A patented self-heating device allows the bottle to reach a temp of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Once activated, the bottle warmer can be reused for up to 12 continuous hours and multiple feedings.

No electricity, batteries, microwave or boiling water necessary.

The On the Fly Bottle Warmer large starter kit (fits 8 to 11 ounce bottles) is $19.99, warmer pack refills are $9.99. The small starter kit (fits 4 ounce bottles) is $18.99, warmer pack refills are $8.99· Find it at ontheflybottle.com.

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