How to Play: Trash Target

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This is war! Credit: Graela, Flickr

What you need: You need water balloons and trash can lids.

How to play: Divide the children into two teams. Have the teams face each other with about 20 feet in between them.

The rules: The first player on one team stands in front of his team, holding the trash can lid as a shield. The first player on the opposite team tries to hit that player with three water balloons. If the player is hit on his body, the opposing team gets a point, but if the player deflects a water balloon with his trash can lid shield, his team receives a point. Then the teams switch up and reverse roles. This process continues until every player has had a chance to throw and be the target.

How to win: The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

What else you need to know: A good idea for this game is to mark off two squares where each team member will stand to be the target. If a player steps out of the square, his team loses a point.

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