How to Play: Freedom

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Don't get stuck in jail! Credit: Getty Images

What you need: You need a large playing area, with a place for the "jail."

How to play: Divide the children into two teams. One team will hide, while the other team searches for the other team members to take them to "jail."

The rules: The searching team covers their eyes and counts to 100 while the hiding team hides. After the count is done, the searching team looks for the opposing team members. When someone is found, he is taken to "jail" by the person who found him. That person must also guard the "jail." The other hiding team members must now try to free their teammate by running up to the "jail," tagging it with their foot, and screaming "Freedom!" If someone trying to free a teammate is caught by the person guarding the "jail," that person is also thrown into the "jail." If the player successfully frees his teammate, they both go hide again. Once all team members are caught, the teams switch roles for a new round.

How to win: Teams win either by catching all of the opposing team members or by not getting caught and thrown in "jail."

What else you need to know: In another version of this game, players who try to free teammates from "jail" say "Alli, alli instant free!" instead of "Freedom!"

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