Boy, 9, Hailed as Hero After Rescuing His Little Sister From Drowning

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Tristin Saghin, 9, and his family were visiting their grandmother in Mesa, Ariz., when the worst happened: His 2-year-old sister fell into the backyard swimming pool.

According to Mesa Fire Department Spokesman Capt. Forrest Smith, the girl's mother found her floating in the pool on the morning of April 17, and pulled her out, placing her unconscious body on the side of the pool. Tristin quickly started to perform CPR after seeing it done on television.

"I went running outside again and I did CPR on her," the boy tells the ABC affiliate in Mesa. "I knew what I was doing. ... She started breathing a little bit."

While his mother called 911, the 2-year-old started breathing again.

"I couldn't imagine what was going through his mind," Smith tells ABC, "Here he is, in a situation where most of us, if we had a family member in that position, as parents we tend to really panic and be concerned. I tell you, we really give kudos out to him."

Mesa City officials are considering giving Tristin, whose family lives in Las Vegas, an award for his heroic actions, quick reaction and skill, but Tristan says he would do anything for his little sister.

"She's really beautiful and I love her very much," Tristin tells the station.

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