Madii & Dyl Mini Me Cozy Kids Pillow

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cozy kids pillow

Your kids will rest easy with Madii & Dyl pillows. Credit:

It may seem like no big deal, but once you've found the perfect pillow, it can take you from restless nights to sleeping like a baby.

So, why shouldn't your kids get the same great pillow treatment?

Madii & Dyl, an Australian line of natural children's products, is now available for U.S. customers, and we're loving the Mini Me Cozy Kids Pillow for kids 3 and older. You will also find the Teenii Tot, for kids older than 18 months, and the Sooki Babe, a newborn daytime pillow designed for infants that cradles the head and prevents roll overs.

Made from 100 percent pure latex, Madii & Dyl pillows are hypo-allergenic and chemical-free, naturally inhibiting the growth of dust mites, mildew and bacteria. Plus, each pillow is designed with specific age ranges in mind, so your little one will get great neck support.

The Madii & Dyl Mini Me pillow is $59 at


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