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HealthTap brings the physician back into the health care equation. Credit: Getty Images

It's a new-mom's dream come true: When you wake up in the middle of the night and can't calm your squalling newborn, or Junior breaks out in a nasty rash and the promise of your pediatrician's answering service that the doc will call you Monday sounds like a hedge, help is on its way.

Just head for your laptop, type in the cause for the mama drama, and a new health site just for pregnant moms and mothers of infants can find answers to their health woes 24/7.

The idea behind the new beta website HealthTap is to bring the physician back into the health care equation, as opposed to other health Internet sites where community members share information about their conditions, the site's creators say. On HealthTap, doctors are site members, too, according to a release from the site.

Launched specifically for pregnant women and moms of infants up to 1 year old, the site currently has more than 550 OB/GYN members and pediatricians, who say they are interested in supporting the site because it offers a means of connecting with potential new patients.

"Online health information is currently overwhelming and confusing," Ron Gutman, CEO and founder of HealthTap, says in the release. "It's hard to know what to trust. Information is never about you, it's often vague and can even be dangerously misleading."

He says the site personalizes consumer health by bringing physicians online to directly deliver their medical wisdom.

HealthTap, which launched earlier this week, is touted as a free online "expert health companion" that helps users get more accurate, personalized answers to health-related concerns.

The info is personalized for users who log in and create a health profile. A mom of an infant, for example, can communicate with doctors on the network, and connect with other community members with new babies, as well, the release says.

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