Teen's Prom Dress Made From Starburst Wrappers Is Extra Sweet

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We've heard of prom dresses made from duct tape, but Tara Frey's candy-wrapper frock for the big dance is so much sweeter.

The high school senior from Wisconsin will be wearing a dress her mom fashioned using thousands of Starburst wrappers, reports NBC affiliate Kare11 in Minneapolis.

Mom Kerrin Frey tells the station creating the short, cute and colorful dress was a labor of love -- six years in the making, with five failed attempts.

"Each wrapper's folded eight times and you have to finish the folds with a tweezer to get it just perfect," she tells Kare11.

The dress has fabric underneath all the wrappers, and, naturally, comes with a matching Starburst wrapper-covered purse and shoes, the station reports. Tara's date will also wear a matching vest.

"It's alright," Zane Heinselman tells the Kare11. "I didn't really have a choice."

And, just to sugarcoat the whole look, the theme for Tara's prom this year? Candyland.

"(We) kind of lucked out on that one," Tara tells the station.

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