Girl Who Beat Cancer is Cyber Bullied by Best Friend

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A 14-year-old who lost a leg in her battle over cancer at the age of 10 had to face a new threat -- a cyber bully -- who turned out to be her best friend.

Justine Williams, of North Andover, Mass., tells CBS Boston she is hopeful that telling her story will give others in similar situations courage to come forward, as well.

The cyber bullying began back in February, when the middle school student received dozens of threatening phone calls and texts with messages including "I'm going to kill your animals" and "I'm going to rape you," the station reports.

"She would say, 'I just don't feel right.' And I thought of is she sick again?" Justine's mom, Jane Williams, tells CBS Boston. "I didn't know what was going on."

After contacting police, they discovered Justine's best friend was behind the bullying, using a website to hide her number, the station reports, adding that the bully sometimes Skyped with Justine while she sent texts to see how Justine reacted.

CBS Boston says the bully, who has not been identified, was pulled out of Justine's classes and was required to get counseling and perform community service.

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