'Mommy' Wants Her Wine, Vinters Battle Over Trademark

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Mommy's Time Out is now trademarked. Credit: Getty Images

Can't anyone give moms a break? Do we really need to make a federal case out of the fact that more than one mother enjoys gulping a little Chardonnay to wind down at the end of a day?

Rival vintners, who have caught onto this lucrative vino demographic have headed to court for the exclusive rights to the word "mommy" on their wine labels, Reuters reports.

The California-based Clos Lachance is asking the court to declare "Mommyjuice" does not violate the trademark of Selective Wine Estates' "Mommy's Time Out."

"Mommy is a generic word that they don't have a monopoly on," KC Branch, an attorney who represents Clos Lachance, tells Reuters.

The owner of Mommy's Time Out declined to comment on the lawsuit, according to the news service.

The key to winning a trademark violation case is for a brand owner to convince the courts that the rival's branding will cause confusion in the minds of the consumer, Reuters reports.

Decide for yourselves: The front label of Mommyjuice features a drawing of a woman juggling a house, teddy bear and computer. The back label advises moms to "tuck your kids into bed, sit down and have a glass of Mommyjuice. Because you deserve it."

The front label of Mommy's Time Out shows an empty chair facing a corner. A wine bottle and glass sit on a table next to the chair.

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