Chastity Chic Underwear for Teens Asks, What Would Your Mother Do?

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Here's one way to put the brakes on your relationship with your teen daughter: Buy her "What Would Your Mother Do?" conversation underwear and suggest she don them for on-campus hook-ups.

A new line of abstinence underwear, sold online at What Would Your Mother Do?, includes boy shorts, underwear, T-shirts and more feature sayings such as "Zip it up" and "Not tonight," London's Daily Mail reports.

'We created a line of underwear to use as conversation starters to help reinforce family morals as they relate to relationships and dating," the WWYMD website proclaims. "We just want to provide you with cute reminders to help you make an impression -- somewhat discreetly."

While unlikely to sway teens who drag their moms to the closest Victoria Secret's PINK store for undies, or tweens who insist on padded bikinis, the designs could tap into the growing abstinence movement in the United States, according to the newspaper.

Christian movements, such as True Love Waits, are popping up across the country, where 29 percent of females and 27 percent of males ages 15 to 24 say they have not had sex, according to National Survey of Family Growth, the Daily Mail reports. Those numbers are up 22 percent since 2002.

Experts say these findings show a "backlash" to the promiscuous culture of the 1990s.

The WWYMD site provides this tip for donning the panties: "Boy shorts are hot right now. Slide into the right pair (we swear you won't find any better!), and good goddess, you're good to go."

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