Teenager Fakes Pregnancy to Teach Lesson on Prejudice

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Strolling through the hallways of a high school with a pregnant stomach is one walk most teens hope they'll never have to take.

One of the most difficult parts of becoming a teen mom is facing judgment and harsh glares from peers, but Gaby Rodriguez, a senior at a Washington high school, voluntarily pretended she was pregnant for six and a half months to teach her classmates a lesson about prejudice.

As part of a report about the perceptions of a pregnant student, "... only a handful of people knew Rodriguez was faking, including her mother, boyfriend and the principal," the Yakima Herald-Republic reports.

To appear pregnant, Rodriguez sported a homemade baby bump under her clothes. This week, Rodriguez unzipped her hoodie in front of 700 students to reveal her fake bulge and admitted that she is, in fact, not pregnant.

So far, Rodriguez has received positive feedback for her efforts including a local business owner who wanted to offer her a college scholarship, "Today" reports.

Although Rodriguez sacrificed a large portion of her senior year keeping up the charade, the teen tells "Today" she doesn't regret it.

"I made my senior year better by doing this because I get to, you know, say I made an impact in some of the students' lives here," she tells the news show.

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