How to Keep a Lid on Kid Clutter

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Our new motto: Always be de-cluttering.

Everyone can agree that less clutter makes for a happier household. "I have the tendency to feel claustrophobic, stressed and anxious when there is 'stuff' everywhere," says Sherri Kruger, co-creator of the blog, Zen Family Habits. "When I'm stressed I'm not happy and you know what they say: If mom's not happy ..."

Though kids have a bad reputation for being stuff-mongers, ultimately they're happier in an orderly house. "Even if they don't seem to notice," says Meagan Francis, mother of five and blogger at, "they play better when their things are easy to find and not buried under non-essentials."

There are some obvious tips when it comes to managing kids' clutter. The first? Stop over-consuming. Don't shop out of boredom or frustration -- shop with a clear purpose in mind. "If you go to Target once a week and grab two things you don't really need but aren't able to pass up -- by the end of the year you'll have an extra 100 things you otherwise might never have purchased," Francis points out. It adds up. She also makes a point of not bringing her kids with her when she absolutely has to visit stores with extensive, and very tempting, toy, gear, or electronic sections.

Of course, stuff always seems to find its way into the house anyway (blame grandma and grandpa), so here are some ideas from bloggers, a personal organizer, and a storage-solution expert on how to keep a lid on it.

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