How to Play: Toss the Goodies

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Better hurry and collect all the goodies if you want to win! Credit: Matt York, AP

What you need: An old tablecloth or sheet and the goodies: nuts, candies, raisins and fruit.

How to play: The players form a square and hold the tablecloth or sheet. The nuts, candies, raisins and fruit are placed in the center of the tablecloth or sheet.

The rules: When a signal is given, the children, all together, toss the cloth up and down, singing: "Toss the goodies up and down, up and down, up and down; toss the goodies up and down, goodies for you and me." When the last line is sung, an extra large toss is made so that all the goodies fly to all parts of the room.

How to win: As everyone rushes to gather the goodies, whoever finds the most is the winner, although everyone really wins something in this game.

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