Justin Bieber Toothbrush Coming Soon to a Sink Near You

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justin beiber floss

Justin Bieber takes over the dental hygiene market. Credit: Brushbuddies.com

So, your kids have already begged for Justin Bieber downloads. And DVDs. And nail polish. And toys. And T-shirts. And maybe they've even asked you to pony up for a lock of his famous hair.

Now, add a Justin Bieber toothbrush to the tween idol product mix. Brush Buddies is introducing a new line of products featuring the Biebs, including toothbrushes for kids, teens and adults, floss and even a travel kit.

Set to debut in July, fans can now pre-order two styles of a singing toothbrush -- each plays two songs for two minutes each, so kids (or grown-ups) know how long to keep brushing. Pick from "Somebody to Love" and "Love Me" or "Baby" and "U Smile." Both are on sale for $9.95.

Regular adult and kid-size brushes featuring Bieber on the handle are currently on sale for $1.99, and you can also find Bieber floss on sale for $1.99 and "autographed" flossers on sale for $5.99.

Hey, it's a small price to pay for good dental hygiene.

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