The Quintanas, Week 29: Bodies Move, Hearts Follow

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Who knew that inflicting pain could be a career calling for my husband, David?

For the last week, I have been training at our subdivision's humble -- yet brutal -- gym. Standing beside me, pushing me to finish the exercises that will firm up my floppy parts, David's face lit up like a Christmas tree. Later that evening, he shared that his newfound ability to motivate somebody to do what they thought was impossible has really put a career opportunity on the horizon. He's considering a second life as a personal trainer.

Here I was, thinking he was impressed that I'd survived all that cardio.

michelle quintana cardio picture

Woman vs. machine. Credit: David Quintana

David pushed me to do at least 45 minutes of heart-pumping exercise every day this week, while alternating toning movements among different body parts. He got me working my arms one day, abs and legs two days later, and finally, two days after that, my chest.

David is enjoying it so much, he's now looking into enrolling in a class in August that will certify him as a trainer. He says that once he reaches his weight goal, and can show people the awesome before and after pictures, he will start advertising for clients. He would love to one day own his own gym!

At the beginning of the Healthy Families Challenge, I mentioned that due to health concerns, I would be sticking to low-impact exercises. As I practiced yoga with guru Aditya Gir at Pranoga, I felt my body become stronger and healthier from the inside out.

Aditya's class is focused on the fact that physical well-being has to evolve from emotional and mental wellness. He has challenged my body to perform at new levels, and helped me with my balance and vertigo issues by leading me to perfect different yoga poses, such as the Warrior series. These poses really focus on the good balance that hides within every body.

Since I've found my balance, I am able to accomplish a lot more physically. Exercises that would have knocked me off of my feet before, like working the triceps bar at the gym, are no match for me. Cardio training that would have previously made me feel like my lungs and heart were going to explode are less painful, thanks to the breathing techniques I've learned in yoga.

Even the Elliptical machine and I have become rather friendly in the last week, and I no longer dislike it as I used to. Yes, I still dislike it -- but not as much.

It's not only the changes in me that amaze me, but the ones in those around me. We Quintanas started HFC as a fun project, with the extra perk that we could get in shape together as a family. We had no idea that it could possibly lead David not only to a much healthier lifestyle, but down a possible new career path.

We also had no idea that we would find passion for these things we were once so disgusted by. Yes, I am talking about the torture machines! The sweatmakers! (Also know as the treadmill, stationary bike and elliptical machine.)

I am going on two weeks of attempting to contain my excitement during workday afternoons, until I can head to the gym or whatever exercise class I am due for.

I used to think it was a crock that exercise produced energy, but guess what? It's true!

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