How to Play: Chopsticks Pass-Along

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Use chopsticks to pass items. Credit: Getty Images

What you need: A group of children, sets of chopsticks, unshelled walnuts, acorns, cranberries, peas and small plates.

How to play: Give each child a set of chopsticks, an unshelled walnut, an acorn, a cranberry, a pea and a small plate. The first player passes each of the items, from largest to smallest, to the next player, who receives the items with chopsticks. This continues through the line of players. The last player in the line sends the items back to the beginning of the line.

The rules: If a player drops any of the items, that player is out of the game.

How to win: Pass each item back to the starting plate without dropping any of them.

What else you need to know: If children are unable to use chopsticks, you can use a teaspoon instead.

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