Posh Tots Alert! Luxury Beds for Kids

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Kids will go crazy for these over-the-top-beds (our 9-year-old guest columnist did). Parents? They'll balk at the price tags.

Many of us dreamed of the perfect childhood bedroom -- toys, color, magic. But very few ever imagined being able to climb into an intergalactic battleship or get beauty sleep in a fashion show runway bed!

My 9-year-old daughter, Sadie, took a look at some of the most elaborate fantasy beds available at Posh Tots and she could not believe her eyes. So we asked Sadie to kindly play guest columnist and give us a kid's take on these over-the-top beds.

She thought it would be cool to walk the catwalk to sleep in the Fashionista bed and giddyup on into a Lone Star bed like a cowgirl. She voted the English Tudor Cottage bed "best for sleepovers."

posh beds for kids

No $47K fantasy bed for Sadie -- instead, a more modest all-IKEA loft bed and decor. Photo: Jolie Novak, AOL


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