No Excuses: Hallmark Offers Postage-Paid Mother's Day Cards

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mother's day card

No stamp? No problem! Credit: Getty Images

Mother's Day is right around the corner -- have you bought a card yet?

Because, no, an e-card just won't cut it on this day of honoring Mom. And, yes, a phone call should be included -- flowers never hurt, either -- but sending a card -- in the actual mail -- is just necessary.

No stamps, you say? No problem, Hallmark replies.

The New York Daily News reports the greeting card chain is now selling Mother's Day cards with postage included.

"It's a brilliant idea," Bruce Bellrose, 64, of Chatham, N.J., tells the newspaper. "It's one of those things that makes you wonder why didn't somebody think of that 20 years ago."

The cards range from $2.69 to $3.99, the Daily News reports, and the postage will still be good even if you forget to mail the card to Mom this year.

Of course, you would never forget, now, would you?

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