How to Play: Checkers

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King me! Credit: Corbis

What you need: Two players, a checkers board and 24 game pieces (12 will be red and 12 will be black).

How to play: Each player sits at opposite ends of the board, and one player uses the red pieces and the other uses the black pieces. Players take turns moving their pieces forward diagonally from one square to another. When a player jumps over another player's piece, that player takes the piece he or she jumped.

The rules: The row closest to each player is called the King's Row. If a player moves a piece onto the opposing player's King's Row, that piece becomes a King (you can top that piece with another piece to signify its status). Kings can move backwards and forwards.

How to win: The first player who cannot move -- or who loses all of his or her pieces -- is the loser.

What else you need to know: The color of the checker pieces can vary. For example, some checker sets have white pieces instead of black pieces.

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