A Custom Rug Inspired By Your Kid's Art

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Turn ordinary children's doodles into extraordinary custom rugs.

Tacking children's art onto one's fridge with a magnet is a classic way to display your little one's masterpieces. But if you have bigger plans for those crayon scribbles and watercolor blobs, we've got an idea for you.

children's art made into rugs by carpetzz.com

A new way to display kids' art -- and cover your floor. Photo: Carpetzz

Carpetzz.com has the perfect solution for today's style-conscious folks who want to link function with art. The result is hand-tufted rugs made from New Zealand wool that incorporate handmade art. This could be something you did as a tyke or the work of your own children. On Carpetzz's website is a claim that all carpets are free of child labor and certified as such by RugMark International.

How does it work? Simply send along an image of the art to Carpetzz.com either via an online order form or through the mail to the company headquarters in Germany.

About 10 weeks later the rug arrives at your doorstep. The price depends on the rug size, although according to the company it costs 150 euros per square meter, plus postage (that cost depending on the rug's weight and size). Rugs will ship to the U.S.

So, next time you're about to toss one of your kid's beloved finger paintings, take a second look: Could this little Jackson Pollack be ready to have his art turned into home decor?

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