Doodle Roll

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There are times, parent know, when you'd give just about anything for some paper and crayons.

Maybe you're at a restaurant, or on an airplane, or at the soccer field. You could be in the car, at the dentist's office, or in your own kitchen. Sometimes, you just need to keep your kids occupied, and that's why we plan to keep a Doodle Roll in our bag at all times.

The Doodle Roll is so simple: A roll of paper packaged with crayons, it's compact and portable, so Mom won't need to frantically search for broken-up crayons in the bottom of her bag.

Doodle Rolls, less than $5, come in lengths of 15- to 30-feet, and the paper can be easily torn off to start a new picture or share.

Find retail locations here; an online store is coming soon.

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