Shout it Out Loud: KISS Singer Paul Stanley Wants Teens to Fight Hearing Loss

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KISS singer Paul Stanley hearing loss

Combat hearing loss with Paul Stanley of KISS! Credit: © Gustavo Roman/

Listen up, members of the KISS army: Paul Stanley is declaring a war on hearing loss.

The lead singer, 59, of the famous rock group, is teaming with House Research Group to warn teens about protecting their precious ear drums, the New York Daily News reports.

"I think what young people don't realize is that when you lose your hearing you don't get it back and there are easy ways of preventing that from happening," Stanley tells the newspaper. "If I want to listen to music loud, I slip in earplugs under my earphones. I can still turn my brain into a milkshake without melting my ears."

Citing stats that hearing loss among teens has increased 30 percent in the past 15 years, Stanley tells the Daily News the crusade hits close to home, as the singer was born deaf in one ear.

"You never miss what you haven't had," Stanley tells the newspaper, adding that the deafness caused to him to protect his other ear.

The rocker tells the Daily News that KISS concerts and others are amped to about 105 decibels, "loud enough to damage hearing in just four minutes" -- the length of his band's hit, 'God of Thunder.'

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