I Love Mom Tattoos: Born in WWII and Going Strong

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If your rebellious teen has ever insisted that a cool new tattoo or nose ring is essential to his or her individuality, you've probably crafted some sort of "not while you're living under my roof" response. So, naturally, when your kid comes home from college with some foreign symbol inked on her arm, you're probably less than pleased.

But, what if the classic "I Love Mom" tattoo was the ink of choice?

The iconic red heart "MOM" tattoo dates back to World War II, when U.S. Navy sailors began to collect tattoos to document their achievements and display patriotism, Lifeslittlemysteries.com reports.

Norman Keith Collins, who gained the name "Sailor Jerry," designed many recognizable tattoos including the classic "I Love Mom" ink. The tattoo became trendy among homesick sailors who wanted a constant reminder of Mom. Cute, right?

"The tattoo is definitely more popular this time of year," David Beadle, a tattoo artist in Texas tells Life's Little Mysteries. "Everyone gets them, from ages 18 to 80."

So, what if your child surprised you this Mother's Day, showing you a little affection displayed on his or her arm? Is "I love Mom" just as cute inked on skin as it is in a card?

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