Memories of My Mother by Marlo Thomas

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My mother loved to sing, she loved to laugh, and she loved to tell jokes -- even if the joke was on her. I remember thinking how beautiful she was, and wanting to look just like her. As I look back on it, my mother really gave us her whole life. If I had any wish today, it would be to be able to say "Hey Mommy, it's Mother's Day, I'm thinking about you, and I love you." Happy Mother's Day.

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Your Turn: Our Mothers: My mom was a real cheerleader for her children. She was always making us feel special -- I have so many fond memories of her kind, supportive ways.

My Dad: I spent so much of my childhood watching my father hone his brilliant comic skills before an eager audience -- I had some amazing opportunities thanks to him. I talk about Dad all throughout my book "Growing Up Laughing," but I especially wanted to share with you all the chapter devoted just to him.

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