Phoebe Prince's Mom Speaks Out, Faces Daughter's Bullies

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More than one year after teen Phoebe Prince committed suicide because of unbearable harassment at school, the teens who bullied her appeared in court this week to receive sentencing.

Five plead guilty and were given one year probation and 100 hours of community service. Charges were dropped completely against the sixth accused bully.

Anne O'Brien, Prince's mother, confronted her daughter's bullies in a speech aired on "Today" this morning. Tears streamed from each teen's eyes as they listened to their victim's mother paint a painstaking outline of the suffering she has endured.

"I will not be spending the summer teaching her how to drive. No. This summer, I will be negotiating with stone cutters who will design and cut the Celtic cross for her head stone," O'Brien said.

Prince's mother complimented one bully who requested a private meeting with her prior to the hearing, saying she appreciated the teen's remorse and felt satisfied that she had taken responsibility for her actions.

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