Best Storybook Apps for Kids

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storybook apps for kids

Storybook apps are for kids of all ages! Credit: Getty Images

We're loving the new book apps you can download onto your smartphone or iPad. Full of creative images, learning games, and interactivity, book apps provide an immersive experience that teaches and entertains.

Our favorites offer the kinds of features (such as the ability to record yourself reading the story) that inspire kids' joy of reading. And we love that book apps span all age groups so that everyone from preschoolers to teens can enjoy them.

Best Storybook Apps for Preschoolers
From "Sesame Street" to Dr. Seuss, these books offer pre-readers interactive stories with loads of bonus learning activities.

Best Book Apps for Kindergartners
Early phonics lessons and sound-it-out opportunities provide the perfect path to lifelong readership.

Best Book Apps for Kids
Classics updated for a new generation -- including "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Velveteen Rabbit" -- will captivate older readers.

Best Book Apps for Tweens and Teens
Literature goes to a whole new level with these books that offer tons of multimedia extras to enhance the stories.

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