That's Smart: Kid-Friendly Glass

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Kid-Friendly Glass

With these glass panels, doodling on the walls isn't discouraged -- it's required.

Looking for a way to let your kids make their mark on your walls without, well, destroying your home in the process? Check out this brilliant new product from Skyline Design, a company dedicated to providing eco-friendly decorative glass for the home.

The Kids Glass collection combines color and imagination in the form of clear panels of safety glass (the same glass used in car windows, designed to withstand shattering) with patterns printed on the back. Originally designed to entertain kids in hospitals and day cares, Kids Glass can be drawn on with regular marker, which then cleans up easily with window cleaner or a chalkboard eraser.

Kid-Friendly Glass

Pretty enough to serve as a stand-alone work of art, the animal-themed print from Kids Glass is a hit with adults and children alike. Photo: Skyline Design

"We wanted to create and offer a product to preoccupy, distract, educate and entertain children who might be nervous in unfamiliar settings," says Deborah Newmark, creative director at Skyline Design. "The response has been amazing from both children and adults. It seems no one's too old to play."

The pieces of glass, which can be customized to suit your needs but typically come in 3-by-7-foot panels, can be mounted on walls, used as a room divider or even placed on a kitchen table. Plus, there are 11 different patterns to choose from, including animals, flowers and a sea-life motif.

It's the perfect addition to a children's playroom or bedroom. You'll never worry about them writing on the walls again.

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