Almost One-Third of Girls' Clothing is Deemed Sexy, Study Finds

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One-third of girls' clothing is deemed sexy. Credit: Getty Images

Are stores to blame for sending sexual stereotypes being foisted on young girls?

A new study finds up to 30 percent of clothes for young girls found online in the United States is deemed either sexy or sexualizing, ScienceDaily reports.

Researchers at Kenyon College in Ohio looked at the frequency and sexualizing of clothing for preteen girls on the websites of 15 popular U.S. stores, according to ScienceDaily, defining sexualizing as clothing that "reveals or emphasizes a sexualized body part, has characteristics associated with sexiness and/or carries sexually suggestive writing."

The team studied 5,666 clothing items, ScienceDaily reports; 69 percent only possessed childlike characteristics, while 4 percent "had only sexualized characteristics, 25 percent had both sexualizing and childlike features and 1 percent had neither sexualized nor childlike elements."

The website says sexualized items included shirts and dresses cut to create the look of a bosom or pockets that were embellished to emphasis a girl's rear end. Tween-specific stores were more apt to offer sexualized clothes than children's stores, the researchers add.

"Confused parents might be persuaded to buy the leopard-print miniskirt if it's bright pink," the authors of the study to be published in the journal Sex Roles write. "Clearly, sexiness is still visible beneath the bows or tie-dye colors. We propose that dressing girls in this way could contribute to socializing them into the narrow role of the sexually objectified woman."

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