How to Play: Free the Fowl

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Free the fowl! Credit: Getty Images

What you need: An empty soft drink can, chalk.

How to play: In this variation of Kick the Can, one player is "it" and he or she must keep the empty can, which is called Tom, inside a large chalk circle. The other players must try to sneak up on "it" and kick Tom out of the circle. At the beginning of the game, "it" closes his or her eyes and counts to 100 while the other players hide. After "it" gets to 100, he or she searches for the other players to tag them.

The rules: Whoever "it" tags must freeze in place and stay there. If a player is able to reach the circle to kick Tom out, he or she yells, "T!" The can is reset in the middle of the circle, and everyone must hide again. The second time a player reaches the circle and kicks out Tom, he or she yells, "T-O!"

How to win: The first person to kick the can for the third time yells out "T-O-M" and wins the game. For "it" to win the game, he or she must tag all the players before anyone can kick Tom out of the circle three times.

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