The Quintanas, Week 31: Hip-Hop Happy!

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Footloose and fancy free! Credit: Michelle Quintana

There are certain things in life that you know your children have inherited directly from you. And there are those you know your genes had nothing to do with.

When it comes to dancing, my daughter Chloe, 10, is a strange mix of my husband David and me. She got my love of dancing, although I never had the coordination to put it into practice. And then she received David's coordination to make it look like actual dancing, rather than some sort of strange ritual.

When we began the Healthy Families Challenge, I knew about that coordination -- I was jealous of it! -- but I also knew that Chloe was lacking a major asset that her natural ability to move could not make up for. Chloe didn't have much confidence.

Her experience at the Little Gym of Doral has given her a lot of that in the last months. I've watched her grow and do things she did not think herself capable of. The team at the Little Gym encourages kids to try new things, whether they think they can do it or not. When Chloe started her gymnastics classes there, she had never considered attempting a cartwheel, and never dreamed she could do it. Chloe now flips and turns so much, she makes our heads spin! Most importantly, she does it all with a self-assured smile on her face.

The coaches at American Top Team Doral instilled discipline in Chloe. Under the incredible training of Leo Lerner, her main coach in the children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, Chloe learned to listen to instructions and follow them. There, she has learned a lesson that can help in every aspect of life. Without focus, the enemy will always catch you off guard and take you down.

Which leads me to the dancing genes. The gymnastics and mixed martial arts teachings combined and led Chloe to stomp her way into an incredible Kids' Hip-Hop class on Monday nights, led by Michelle Christie at The Doral Vineyard. Michelle has an incredible passion for keeping the body in the best condition possible, and finding creative ways to do so. When Chloe heard about the children's class beginning, it was all I heard about until they started.

The class is fantastic. Michelle starts out by warming up the kids so that they won't get hurt, and then teaches them high-energy choreography. I know Chloe's body is loving it! I thought it would be fun to sit down and look into her brain to see what it thinks. This is the result of my very candid interview with her about the Healthy Families Challenge and her latest endeavor.

Mom: What has been your favorite part of the HFC, and why?
Chloe: Su-Nui's (Su-Nui Escobar, our nutritionist) burgers, because she tricked me into eating a burger with vegetables -- and it was good.

Mom: What do you feel you have learned throughout the project?
Chloe: I have gotten healthier than I used to be.

Mom: What does healthy mean to you?
Chloe: Exercising and eating fruits and vegetables.

Mom: Do you think that learning how to eat healthy helps with all of the activities you're doing?
Chloe: Yes. The fruits and vegetables carry extra energy for when you want to dance.

Mom: What is your favorite activity at the moment?
Chloe: Hip-Hop class, because you get to dance, and dancing is my favorite sport.

Mom: How do you feel about getting your body moving and your heart pumping?
Chloe:It gives me more energy! [Mom is not sure if this is a positive result come bedtime.]

Mom: What does dancing make you feel like?
Chloe: Excited! I can do hip-hop dancing, or any kind of dancing, all day and night without getting tired.

Mom: Do you think you will keep dancing?
Chloe: YES!

Mom: When you grow up and have your own kids, what would you like to share with them from this experience?
Chloe: Eating more fruits and vegetables gets you healthier, and exercising is not as bad as you think it is.

I find it amazing how the simple logic of a kid can really put things into perspective, and even make you feel kind of dumb in the process.

Pick your child's brain about health. She or he may teach you a thing or two!

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