Need a Celeb Baby Name? Gary Busey Can Deliver

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Isabella? So common. Jacob? Snoozeville.

It's basically a requirement for celebrities to give their babies bizarre names. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon recently named their twins Moroccan and Monroe. Alicia Silverstone went with Bear Blu for her boy. Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox? They had a boy last week and named him ... Meredith.

So, how do they come up with these monikers? In a hilarious skit on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," there's one man to blame: Gary Busey.

Call Gary Busey's Celebrity Baby Name Hotline, and, for $2.17 a minute, he'll deliver names like Scooter Pooter or Snuggie Hammerhead.

"Boy or girl?" Busey asks in the comedy bit. "OK, blond or brunette ... It's coming to me ... Papaya Aquarium!"

Don't tell Nicolas Cage. Kal-el doesn't need a brother named after a cross between a blanket with sleeves and a shark.

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