Prom Is on for James Tate After School Reverses Ban

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Prom is back on for a Connecticut high school senior who was banned from attending the big dance after posting a giant sign at the school asking his friend out.

A decision to keep James Tate from attending the Shelton High School prom was reversed over the weekend, after the teen's stunt -- and the school's reaction to it -- drew major media attention.

"Certainly for us gentlemen here, James Tate has set for us a new standard for romanticism," Freeman Burr, superintendent of schools in Shelton, Conn., told reporters, according to Reuters.

Tate's case made the news last week after he was suspended for sneaking onto school grounds and posting "Sonali Rodrigues will you go to prom with me? HMU - Tate" in giant cardboard letters. Students suspended after April 1 are not allowed to attend prom, the Connecticut Post reports.

According to Reuters, Shelton High School Headmaster Beth Smith said Tate would be allowed to go to prom because the "international notoriety" the ruling sparked was a distraction to the school.

"Throughout the past week, the level of distraction created by this incident has affected the culture of Shelton High School, one that I have worked hard to establish," she tells Reuters, adding that Tate and his two friends who helped him post the sign would be given "alternate consequences."

A Facebook page, called "Let James Tate Go to Prom," has nearly 200,000 "likes," something that did not go unnoticed by Burr.

"One of the things it does show is students are much more adept at the social networking media than we are in the school system," he tells Reuters.

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