Becoming a Stepmother from Marlo Thomas

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When I realized I was going to have the title of "stepmother," I thought, "Oh, no, I don't want to be one of those!" In fairy tales and children's stories, stepmothers are usually villains. I had to figure out how to be a nice one, a good one. The first step was becoming a true and trusted friend; the rest followed.

Auntie Marlo and Kate: Stepmotherhood
My niece Kate and I bring together women from each of our respective age groups to explore how different generations look at different issues. The topic of this segment is stepmotherhood.
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Becoming a Happier Stepmother
It's not always easy to be a stepmom – I know that myself from experience! – but it has some wonderful rewards as well. I asked psychotherapist (and stepmom) Rachelle Katz if she had any tips for stepmothers. Rachelle had some great advice – read her tips, then share your own! (And if you're a stepdad or stepchild, chime in here with your own comments, too).
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Understanding Your Stepchildren (They're "Younger" Than You Think)
When I got married, I went from being single, with no kids, to being a stepmother with five children. We all survived it, and learned to thrive, and today I'm very close to them (and their own children). But I know the relationship between a new wife and her husband's children can be a difficult one to forge. I asked Rachelle Katz - psychotherapist, stepmom, and author of The Happy Stepmother - if she had any advice, and of course she did!
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