Facebook Button Inspires Dad to Name His Daughter 'Like'

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Dad names his daughter "Like" after the Facebook button. Credit: Toby Talbot, AP

Go ahead and give celebs like Alicia Silverstone and Mariah Carey a break for naming their babies Bear Blu, Moroccan and Monroe.

Those names are downright normal compared to the newest baby name to grab headlines: Like.

Yep, little Like Adler was named after the Facebook Like button, PCWorld reports, and Lior and Vardit Adler, her Israeli parents, tell Israeli news site Galgalatz they chose the name because they "liked" the way it sounded and found it "modern and innovative."

Dad Lior Adler, however, tells the site he actually has fewer than 120 friends on Facebook and doesn't really care for the social networking site.

"In our opinion, it's the modern equivalent of the name Ahava (Love)," he tells Galgalatz. "It's just my way of saying to my fantastic daughter, 'love.' "

Perhaps Like will someday meet Facebook, a girl born earlier this year to an Egyptian father, PCWorld reports.

But, for now, Like will join her big sisters -- who go by Pie and Vash (Hebrew for honey).

Eat your heart out Frank Zappa. Moon Unit, Dweezil, Diva? So old-school. Now, who wants to place odds on when a baby named Twitter will make her debut?

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