TV Not to Blame for Teens' Sleepless Nights

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tv and sleeping

Teenagers are not staying up late at night to watch television. Credit: Corbis

The good news is that your teenager daughter is not spending the night with Jimmy Fallon. The bad news your son might be losing sleep over a fourth-level nymph.

The Orange County Register reports teenagers are not staying up late at night to watch television. Playing video games and messing around on the Internet? Yes. But television? No.

This was the conclusion of a study presented at the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting in Honolulu, the newspaper reports. Researchers looked at high schoolers and found only 10 percent them got enough sleep at night.

Round up the usual suspects? Hold on, Louie.

Researchers found no link between TV and sleep deprivation. The Internet and video games were the real time bandits.

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