Boy, 13, Invited Out for Free Drinks and Strippers

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 Free Drinks and Strippers

Nothing like getting a text message invite to a strip club -- free drinks included! -- after a hard lacrosse practice. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

President Barack Obama refused to make photos of Osama bin Laden's dead body public. You can understand why.

This is America. We don't shoot a guy -- even a bad guy -- and parade a photo of his mutilated head around like a trophy.

That would be tacky.

We invite our boys in uniform out for a night of free drinks and strippers. And that 13-year-old kid? What the heck. He's invited, too.

Actually, er, uh, inviting the kid might have been an accident. Still, as the NBC affiliate in Denver reports, it's a day Jack Warta will never forget. Even if he didn't get to see any strippers.

"I just finished my lacrosse practice and I looked at my phone," the boy tells Denver's 9News. "It asked me if I wanted to come and celebrate Osama bin Laden's death with free cover and free drafts. It was kind of confusing."

Confusing? Perhaps. But you have to admit, it's more fun than celebrating bin Laden's death by playing Whack-a-Mole down at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Matt Warta, the boy's father, didn't quite see at that way. He told the news station the text message was "shocking" and "inappropriate."

"You'd like to think you can protect your child from those kind of things," he tells 9News. "As a parent, that's really frustrating."

Clearly, the folks at Diamond Cabaret had some explaining to do if they wanted to salvage their squeaky-clean reputation. They promised to take the boy's name off their list.

"There's enough stuff out there that pollutes their minds," Matt Warta tells the station. "That's the last thing we want to do, is use a personal device like a cell phone to send those messages to them. Why would you send a 13-year-old a text message asking them to come to a strip club and give them free beer and alcohol? It's just wrong."

Let that be a lesson to you, kids. You should definitely wait until you turn 18 before you celebrate a confirmed kill by getting plastered and leering at naked women. Such activities are strictly for mature adults.

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