How to Play: Spit

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Get your spit piles lined up. Credit: Getty Images

What you need: Two players and a standard deck of playing cards.

How to play: Shuffle the cards well, and deal out all of the cards so that both players have 26 cards. From these cards, each player deals out five piles, each pile containing one, two, three, four and five cards, respectively. Turn the top card on each pile face up – these are the "stock piles." The remaining 11 cards are placed face down in a stack – these are the "spit cards." When players are ready to begin, both shout "Spit!" while turning over the top card in their respective stockpiles. Each player then draws the top card from their spit cards, and they're placed side by side between the players' hands. These two cards and the cards that will be played on top of them are the "spit piles." The players now play simultaneously as fast as they want. The object is to get rid of all your spit cards and place the stock pile cards onto the spit piles.

The rules: Moving only one card at a time, you can play the face up card from the top of one of your piles onto either spit pile. To play a card on a spit pile, it has to be either next in sequence up or down, or the same number as the original card. Suit and color do not matter. Always be sure you have five cards face up. If you run out of cards in one of the five stock piles, you can take a card from another stock pile and place it in the empty spot. If two face-up cards in different piles are identical in number (for example, ace of spades and ace of hearts) you can move one card and stack it on top of the other.

A card counts as played as soon as it touches the spit pile or space onto which it is to be placed. A played card cannot be retracted and as soon as it is played the opponent is entitled to play on it. If a position is reached where neither player can play (for example, none of the exposed pile cards can be played to either of the spit piles and it is not possible to turn up another card from a pile after moving cards into spaces) then both players shout "Spit!" and each places the top card from his or her respective stockpile on top of the spit pile he or she started. Play then continues as before until either player has removed all of his or her cards from play. As soon as he or she has placed down the last card, then either player has the opportunity to be the first person to place his or her hand on whichever pile he or she wants. They must yell out "Spit" at the same time. You should choose the pile with fewer cards, as the aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all cards.

How to win: The first player to get rid of all of his or her stock pile is the winner.

What else you need to know: This game is also known as Speed or Slam. You may want to use an old deck of cards as cards can get damaged in this game.

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