Circumcision Ban Makes San Francisco's November Ballot Cut

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circumcision ban

City elections officials confirmed an initiative that would ban the circumcision of males younger than 18, regardless of religion, will appear on the November the ballot. Credit: AP

When the good folks of San Francisco hit the polls this fall, they'll be asked to vote on a new mayor, the pension system and penises.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports a circumcision ban has made the November ballot -- ahem -- cut, after Department of Elections officials officially certified that a group called "intactivists" managed to round up 7,743 signatures (they needed 7,168) to take the measure to a vote.

The ban would make circumcision on any person younger than 18 a misdemeanor. And, no, your religion would not get you out of it, the newspaper reports. Wanna a little snip, snip anyway? The Chronicle says you would face a $1,000 fine and could spend up to a year in the pokey.

The intactivists and their ilk say circumcision is cruel, the newspaper reports, like cutting off part of an infant's face, while those against it say a ban would be unconstitutional.

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