Dog Boards School Bus and Attacks Kids

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The old axiom goes that it's not news when a dog bites a man. It's only news a man bites a dog.

But that's not always true.

When a dog gets on a school bus and starts attacking children -- sending four of them to the hospital -- even the ears of the venerable Washington Post perk up.

Three children were treated and released from Southern Maryland Hospital for minor wounds, most of them scratches, the Post reports. The fourth was taken elsewhere for treatment, the newspaper adds, but does not seem to be seriously injured.

The dog reportedly got on the bus in Clinton, Md., the morning of May 18 and began biting children. The bus driver fought the dog off.

"Really, it was very heroic what he did by fighting that dog off," Prince George's County Schools spokesman Briant Coleman tells the newspaper.

The Post reports a police officer tried to restrain the dog once it was off the bus, but when the animal continued to be aggressive, the officer shot it.

Coleman tells the Post the kids did nothing to provoke the attack. At least one student had to receive stitches after being bitten. The other kids apparently just got scratched, even though they were still taken the hospital.

The Post reports it's unclear from police and eyewitness accounts of the dog was a bulldog or pit bull.

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