How to Play: Musical Chairs

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Last one sitting wins! Credit: Getty Images

What you need: A group of children, a bunch of chairs (one fewer than the number of children playing) and music.

How to play: The chairs are arranged in a circle, facing outwards, with the players standing outside of the circle. Once the music starts, players begin walking around the circle. When the music stops, the players must sit in a chair as fast as they can. The person left standing is out of the game, one more chair is removed and the game continues.

The rules: Any pushing or shoving by players to get to a chair when the music stops will result in that player leaving the game.

How to win: Be the last person left sitting.

What else you need to know: Chairs also can be set up back to back, forming a double line, facing outwards. In another variation, you can play this game without chairs – the last person to sit down on the ground or floor is eliminated.

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