Harry Potter Encourages Witchcraft, British Toy Shop Owner Claims

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Harry Potter books, toys, movies and other products may bring in millions for many stores worldwide, but Gary Grant wants none of that tainted dough.

The owner of the British Entertainer chain of toy stores tells the London Daily Mail he has banished Harry Potter and his ilk from all his shops because they reference the occult, witchcraft and sorcery.

"I am ultimately responsible and accountable for all that goes on within the business," he tells the newspaper. "I have to oversee the products and make sure I feel happy with the items we are selling."

Grant, a devout Christian, tells the Daily Mail he also refuses to stock trolls.

"I don't stock Halloween products at all," he tells the newspaper. "I don't want to encourage children to be dabbling with anything at all that might be to do with the occult. It (Halloween) might be good fun for children, but it's not the sort of good fun I would choose to promote."

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