Michigan May Allow Under-10 Crowd to Go Hunting

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We all cried when Bambi's mother was killed. But it could have been worse. She could have been plugged in Michigan ... by an 8-year-old.

That would not only have been sad, but embarrassing.

The Michigan Legislature is considering a bill to give the under-10 crowd the right to keep and bear arms, at least against animals. However, they would have to be accompanied by an adult mentor.

That's the way it is in most states where children under 10 are allowed to hunt. The laws vary from state to state. While a handful of states allow young children to hunt with a mentor, others make kids wait until they are at least 10 or 12 before they can legally bust a cap in Bambi's mama.

The Detroit Free Press reports Michigan's revised hunting law passed the state House of Representatives May 24 by 85 votes to 23. Now it goes to the Senate for what the newspaper reports should be a warm reception. Michigan senators have already approved similar legislation.

Current Michigan law requires a child to be at least 10 to get a hunting license. The age requirement is 12 if it involves hunting deer with a firearm.

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