Teacher Suspended for Allegedly Making Kids Scrub Toilet

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kids scrub toilet

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A teacher in Connecticut has been suspended for allegedly making children scrub toilets to the point where their hands were raw.

Outrageous, right?

You shouldn't have to scrub toilets that hard until you're an adult.

The London Daily Mail reports Catherine Saur, an art teacher at Kennelly Elementary School in Hartford, Conn., allegedly has some cleanliness issues. Whenever one of her students had to use the potty, she supposedly made the child clean the porcelain. Thoroughly.

This went for two years, the Mail reports, until some parents had enough. Now Saur is under suspension while school authorities investigate parents' complaints.

Those complaints include horror stories of kids peeing their pants to avoid going to the bathroom and one child who suffered a severe allergic reaction to the bleach he was required to use to clean the toilet.

That child's mother was incensed that her boy was ordered to clean a toilet.

"That's the custodian's job," the Daily Mail quotes her from a meeting at the school.

School district spokesman Dave Medina tells the Daily Mail the district doesn't comment on personnel matters. Saur declines to comment.

Not everyone thinks Saur is a heartless fiend. The Daily Mail reports PTA Secretary Nancy Moreaux spoke poetically in defense of Saur at the same school meeting.

"If you sprinkle when you tinkle," she said, "please be neat and wipe the seat."

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